Team brute4s is working with CMU’s CyLab and the CMU Hacking Team (PPP or Plaid Parliament of Pwning), to develop a game that will be used in the crowd pleasing nation-wide high school hacking competition, picoCTF 2019.

The goal for this game is to attract middle and high school students to the competition and raise their interest in computer security. We aim to make the best combination of game and competition, so the players will keep their interest in the story while they learn and solve problems along the way.

The game – codename “Aeneas”- is now under development and will be released with the opening of competition, scheduled on September 27, 2019.

Project members: Tiantian (Tina) Han, Mong-Yah (Max) Hsieh, Yunhao (Magian) Li, Yang Che (Brian) Teng

Project Instructor: Ruth Comley

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