Team Fortitude aims to design a transformational game on a mobile device to understand the difficulties of living in poverty, inspired from the existing board game “The Poverty Spiral”. We are working with our client Dana Gold, who is the creator of the original board game. The Poverty Spiral is a simulation for experiencing the challenges of making tough decisions when faced with few resources and competing priorities, to get a deeper understanding of living in poverty. The game is designed for 4-6 players and the goal is to reach and maintain Financial Stability before you run out of cards and choices. We aim to design a game by keeping the same impact of The Poverty Spiral, but making it more accessible in the digital form.

Project Members: Matthew Bofenkamp, Mollie Braley, Siyu (Tracy) Chen, Yu-Kai Chiu, Nisha Kunhikrishnan, Yifei (Figo) Zhao

Project Instructors: Jessica Hammer, Mike Christel

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