Inner Matter

The Inner Matter project is creating a VR and Apple Watch integrated meditation app which seeks to introduce a new audience to the efficacy of meditation through a research-based guided meditation in cooperation with Equa Health. Our target demographic is high-stress young adults ages 16-30 who are new to meditation. To create this meditation app we are collecting heart rate bio-metrics from an Apple Watch and integrating that information as environmental biofeedback into a meditation experience designed around an Equa Health meditation session. Adding biofeedback to a VR meditation will not only help track the efficacy of a meditation session, but offer an opportunity for mediators to experience greater immersion in both their physical self-awareness and in the environment around them. Our aim is to deliver a polished vertical slice of a meditation experience built upon several iterations as a proof of concept for the implementation of heart rate based biofeedback within VR meditation.

Team Members; Faris ElRayes, Gillian Ryan, Hua Tong, Zibo Ye, Lauren Zhang 

Project Instructors: Heather Kelley, Dave Culyba

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