Level Up

Project Level Up is creating a package of code, assets, specifications, and documentation in Unreal which will be used by future ETC students beginning in Fall 2023 as the core toolkit for a Level Design (LD) elective course. This toolkit aims to create a “walled garden” environment in which aspiring game and level designers can use industry-standard tools to learn fundamental Level Design skills. We are building a beginner-friendly toolkit inspired by environmental traversal game levels such as Mirror’s edge. Users can develop a non-combat, environment-based parkour game level featuring a speedy character from beginning to end without coding individual functionalities.

Project Instructor: Heather Kelley, David Culyba

  • Yue Wang
  • Zezhong Wu
  • Yile Xu
  • Tingyu (Polly) Yan
  • Ziqi Ye
  • Xuan Zhai (James)

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