Opsis2 is team working out of Carnegie Mellon University’s Silicon Valley campus creating stereoscopic games for a 3D laptop developed by Super Perfect Ltd. Recent advancements in digital image generation and display have brought 3D Entertainment back into the mainstream. Although the technology has come a long way people still have their hang ups about wearing glasses for any casual entertainment. Super Perfect Ltd is a Chinese company who specialize in cutting edge image display. The monitor they have shared with Opsis2 displays 3D content without the use of glasses. It is the goal of Opsis2 to develop original games that will enhance the players experience by having them interact within virtual three dimensional spaces without visual aids. With glasses-less 3D being what some call the final hurdle for 3D to break through the team is thrilled to be partnered with such an innovative company. Over the Fall 2010 Semester Opsis2 will be developing 3 to 4 stereoscopic games which will explore different game play techniques and environment that benefit most from the added dimension. Please feel free to follow their progress online at: http://www.etc.cmu.edu/projects/ops is2/

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