PicoPicoPi is collaborating with CyLab Security and Privacy Institute at Carnegie Mellon University to build a web game for picoCTF, an educational cyber security contest platform.

Aiming at high school students, PicoPicoPi is building a game that introduces cyber security topics, gives the players a vision of what they can achieve with hacking techniques, and further arouses their interest in learning and solving the challenges on the platform.

The game focuses on Binary Exploitation and Reverse Engineering and is designed based on the domain expertise challenges provided by CMU faculty and the picoCTF team. It features gameplay mechanics reflecting the essential logistics of hacking without complicated calculations and prerequisite domain knowledge. The players will understand how hacking techniques work logically and what they can achieve. The game’s goal will be to inspire the players to further explore the picoCTF platform and give them confidence in challenging the problems.

Project Instructors: Scott Stevens


Team Members: Shicai He, Chia-Wei (Jeffrey) Liu, Yiming Xiao, Tiange Zhou


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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219