Skyrates is a game design and development project which explores the idea of creating persistent games for busy people through the use of sporadic play.

Sporadic play is the idea that rather than devoting hours at a time to playing a game, you can play in five-minute chunks throughout your day. Skyrates is continually running, day and night, with your Skyrate character flying from place to place. You check in periodically, like checking email, and give your Skyrate commands.

Skyrates strives to create meaningful game play for busy people. Many casual games have been played sporadically, but bringing a persistent world to people with only minutes to play is a new challenge. Because of the easygoing nature of its gameplay Skyrates has enjoyed a diversie audience including both men and women, ages 6 to 60.

Skyrates is in development for several platforms including Adobe Flash, AOL Instant Messenger, Text Messaging for Mobile Phones, and an Online Community Forum.

To find out more or to sign up for play testing visit or email

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