Street Live

At Street Live, we aim to introduce character driven AR storytelling to the guests’ morning walk. By extending Snob Bog’s cutting-edge AR software, we will integrate everyday objects such as cars and fire hydrants into guests’ outdoor spaces, allowing them to discover characters and their way of interacting in their world around them. We aim to deliver a storytelling experience supporting customizable characters, and weaving in recognizable spaces, regardless of the route. Watch each chapter of the story unfold, as we bring AR theater to the guests’ ordinary daily routine.

Team Member: Tsai Yen (Cleo) Ko, Hagan Miller, Yuchen Xie, Yutian Xie, Zhiqi Zhao, Tiange Zhou

Project Instructors: Ruth Comley, Tom Corbett

  • Hagan Miller
  • Tiange Zhou

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    700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219