The Other Side

The Other side ​is looking to turn The Ashwith Kenner Global Languages and Cultures Room into an experience that promotes cultural understanding and reflect the intercultural community of the CMU students.

This room is located at the Tepper building on the CMU campus. It provides an immersive space for members of the campus community and visitors to interact with each other locally and with people and places around the world.

The room operates as a flexible learning space, a research lab and meeting place.Through their projects, courses, events and interactions, it seeks to engage audiences through storytelling.

Our team is aiming at building an interactive experience which gives an identity to this multipurpose room. Keeping in mind the central theme of intercultural collaboration, we want to provide an experience which the students and visitors can make their own.

Project Instructors: Shirley Saldamarco, John Dessler

Project Members: Ruchi Sanjay Hendre, Hsiao-Ching (Annie) Huang, Hanhui Lu, Ningshan Ouyang


  • Hanhui Lu

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