Universal Insignia

Working with the educators at Elizabeth Forward and Carmichaels Area School District, Universal Insignia is a cross-disciplinary team creating an application to bring learning out of the classroom.

This experience will allow students to celebrate and interact with the badges they are awarded in class. Our goal is to allow students to not only share their achievements with the people who are important in their lives but also continue to interact with their skills at home. Universal Insignia will also give parents the unique opportunity to engage directly with their child’s education. Providing the ability to know exactly what their student has learned and where they could use some extra help.

Project Members: Jongmi (Jamie) Bae, Hye Lee (Hailey) Kim, Emily Viterise Kovlik, Wei-Lin (Evelyn) Yu

Project Instructors: Scott Stevens, Shirley Saldamarco

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