Team vARiable aims to enhance the interactions of the virtual object in AR world by using different hand gestures on mobile devices, which can help online buyers overcome the struggle of the exact size, realistic look and interacting functionalities of the online products.

The goal of this project is to develop a digital marketing application prototype for AR mobile devices. The prototype product will be designed for online buyers, who want to check the product in 360 degrees and interact with the product by using different hand gestures on phone. Unlike traditional E-Commerce website such Amazon and EBay, our product allows users to interact with the product by phone, in order to improve the shopping experience.

We hope to deliver a better shopping experience for online buyers, and create more sales for online stores.

Project Instructors: Shirley Yee, Brenda Harger

Project Members: Ziyu Zheng, Heng (Lucas) Luo, Mengyao Wang, Beizhen Hu, Yang Wang, Megh Jagad

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