Which neighborhoods are near and safe to live in?

Note: For someone looking for a studio/1 bedroom it is not uncommon to pay $2K+/month EXCLUDING utilities. If you share a room, it ranges from $600+ depending on how many people, where, etc., but it is very rare to find something within the $300/range (unless it’s your friend or relative’s home), as you could in Pittsburgh.

What apartments are nearby?
A: Archstone is the closest apartment complex to EA and you can walk there. It is a safe, nice neighborhood and the distance is roughly about from the South Side bars to the ETC, if you walk across the Hot Metal Bridge. However, you pay for it – it is really expensive. Such is the housing situation in the Bay Area; there is more demand than supply. Especially for short term leases, the cost can be almost as much as an extended-stay hotel. If you haven’t looked already, try searching on:



Here is a breakdown of apartments where people generally live in the area:

Riva-Terra Apartments at Redwood Shores

Indian Creek Garden Apartments

Hillsdale Garden Apartments

BE CAREFUL!!  There are many scams out there!!!

* Locations to consider looking (based on proximity to Caltrain shuttle):

updated 07/23/2018

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