ETC Class of 2022

On Sunday May 15, 2022 the ETC honored 42 students as we held the 2022 Diploma Ceremony at Heinz Field. Following dinner, with fellow classmates, family, ETC faculty and the staff, the latest group of ETC alumni received their Master of Entertainment Technology degrees from Carnegie Mellon University. During the ceremony, this year’s ETC Alumni... Read more »

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Jonathan Walton joins the ETC

We are delighted to welcome our newest faculty member, Jonathan Walton to the ETC! Jonathan is an award-winning indie game designer, a former China policy analyst, and a teacher and scholar focused on critical analysis of science, technology, and media. He is excited to begin a new role as an Assistant Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon’s renowned... Read more »

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ETC Game Guided by Global Goals

This article originally appeared on the CMU new site: April 20, 2022 By Michael Henninger Welcome to Shapetopia, a virtual city conceived by six Carnegie Mellon University students. As the new mayor(s) of this city within a video game, players will partake in policy decisions — limited only by their resources — to discover how... Read more »

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CMU Projects Sleuth Secret Printers, Teach Shakespeare in VR

This article was featured on CMU’s news site and written by Stefanie Johndrow and was edited for the ETC site. Original article: “The number one way to understand Shakespeare is to attend a live performance. It is really essential to try to get students outside of the classroom and get the real feel,” Wittek... Read more »

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Rethink the Rink Make A Thon

Rethink The Rink is a week-long make-a-thon where CMU students work on innovations to make the game of hockey safer without changing the game.  The make-a-thon has inspired innovations for the dashboards and helmets used in the game of hockey. These are innovations that get implemented firsthand by the Pittsburgh Penguins.  For this year, the focus was on... Read more »

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Rising to the Challenge

March 14, 2022 CMU launches program to recognize recent alumni making transformational impacts By Amanda S.F. Hartle (this article originally appeared on the CMU alumni site: Meet the 2022 Tartans on the Rise: Doug Bernstein (ENG 2012), Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PECA Labs Asi Burak (CMU 2006), Chief Business Officer, Tilting Point; Chairman,... Read more »

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ETC Project Creates Immersive Art Therapy Space in VR

The app provides new ways to connect during times of isolation This article is copied from the CMU news site: By Megan Harris In most art therapy sessions, the clinician offers a client art supplies and a prompt to respond to. The in-person experience is limited to location, available craft materials and the arrangement... Read more »

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ETC App To Augment the Reality of Pittsburgh’s Steel Past

ETC students and faculty and members of Rivers of Steel test the students’ app at a former blast furnace. The app helps illustrate the chemical reactions that change ore to steel. This article was published on the CMU news site: By Ann Lyon Ritchie & Heidi Opdyke The Molten Corps Team

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