Week 05 Newsletter – 2/9-2/13 – Prototype & Quarters Presentation

What we did:

We began our week 5 meeting with Jessica Trybus, a faculty from ETC Pittsburgh campus. We gave her a short overview of the Tango device and let her try out our treasure hunt prototype. She gave us a lot of valuable feedback and most importantly, she pointed out a lot of design questions we need to answer. For example, why the space matters to the player? Game novelty versus replayability, which one do we want to address? Think about all these questions helped us greatly to define more about our project vision and metrics of success.

After that, we refined our prototype with a whole new game assets to create a more fantastical feeling. During quarters, we showcased our prototype to many guests from EA and some from the Project Tango. We want to thank them for their time and valuable feedback on our prototype.

We started our first sprint to achieve our first MVP (minimum viable product) game prototype. John and Haley spent a whole day figuring out design details of our game “Hungry Squid.” Ojas and Emily worked on building the prototype of scanning environment.


The challenges we encountered:

This week, at first we had a treasure hunt prototype; the idea was to let players scan their room and try to find out all the hidden treasures by shooting least shots to gain the highest scores. We then found out this game will have lots of nightmare design challenges to address “your space matters,” and high replayability to our game. So we then came up with our current idea: “Hungry Squid.” Our vision for the game is to create an App that can empower players to scan their room and create their own virtual game environment and further have fun in it.


Plans for next week:

We will finish our first MVP game prototype, which means it will have a start and end state, game goals, score system, and we will also improve the physics of shooting mechanic. We want to make sure the game works really well and fun in one room before we move on to our second sprint.

We will start our second sprint with the goal of having our game working in the different space. Adding the scanning part to it and make sure the game is still fun to the players.





Check out our Quarters Presentation Video here: http://www.etc.cmu.edu/siliconvalley/blog/quarter-walkarounds-spring-2015/