Week 11 Newsletter – 3/30 – 4/03 – MVP of Creation Mode

What we did:

This week we started to use Asana, a project management tool, to help us track all the tasks more easily instead of writing dailies in the Google spreadsheet; but we still have our physical Scrum board sitting in the working area that helps us have group discussions and examine the progress of each sprint goals.

Ojas and Emily focused on finishing our MVP build of the menu system and the creation mode of our app. Now in our app, players can use the menu to navigate through the whole app, from create your own level to play it and play the levels made by others. In the creation mode, players can select models from the library which has different categories of objects that players can play around with. We also allow players to place objects on the sky, rotate the objects, and delete the ones you are not satisfied. Haley worked really hard on making all kinds of models to enrich the variety of our library, she also spent a lot of time designing the UI of creation mode and level selection.

John managed to use Unity by himself to tweak the gameplay part while the programmers were working on the creation mode. We added star system, new BGM and SFX to help create a more intriguing experience and enhance the interest curve of each game loop.


The challenges we encountered:

Our next step is to improve the creation mode with pretty UI assets and add in the sharing system so that players can publish the levels they create and share them online, also download others’ levels. We spent some time deciding which server service we should use, and we finally decided that Parse cloud service will suit our needs the best.


Plans for next week:

We will finish the creation mode with all new art assets, sharing feature, and the menu system with new assets. At the same time, we will plan out our playtest schedules so that we can make sure we get feedback from others.


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