Week 14 Newsletter – 4/20-4/24 – Soft Opening

What we did:

This week team 3D Crumbs went on all out for Soft Opening! We finished our progressive tutorials, there are four levels to unlock when users first enter our App, each of them teaches different mechanics that users need to know to progress in our game. On Tuesday, we demoed our game in the busy lobby of Electronic Arts. Much to our delight we were able to attract approximately 45 guests over 2 hours lunch period to try our game! The feedback we got was great! Most players enjoyed the unique experience that Tango empowers motion to affect the gameplay, they were able to pick up the game mechanics through tutorials and most of all, players had fun competing high scores on the leaderboard. You can check out our Soft Opening footage here!

After Softs, we were invited to visit Project Tango on the Google campus. We spent almost half of the day there and we had a great time. We demoed Hungry Squids with the Project Tango team, which we got so many helpful advice and most importantly, people really like our game and were excited to try it!

For the rest of the time this week, we kept crunching to fix bugs and polish the experience. We also shot our promotional videos which will be up here next week.


The challenges we encountered:

We have about 9 days left for finishing up all the tasks left, and as the semester is approaching its end, other electives also come up final project or assignments. The team works so hard to juggle multiple projects and tasks. Even though it’s very challenging and lots of time we have to stay up late to finish things up, but we really hope to deliver a well-polished experience by the end of this semester! So, please stay tuned, we will have Hungry Squids final version available on Play Store by the end of next week! We’d love you to download it and try it out! 🙂


Plans for next week:

Next Tuesday will be a big deadline for us, our advisors from Project Tango want us to give them a build that addresses all the feedback we got from Softs. We will also start to clean up the code and work on optimizing our App.  We will also archive all the work from this semester. Then we will move on to prepare for our final presentation.