As gaming becomes an increasingly social activity, it is becoming more and more important to share similar gaming tastes with friends, family, and loved ones in order to have fufilling social gaming experiences. Unfortunately, it's often the case that we don't want to play whatever our friends want to play at a given time. Some games attempt to merge genres to appeal to a broader audience, but oftentimes this results in a 'watered down' game where it no longer appeals to the hardcore fans of any specific game type. What ACG is setting out to do is creat a game where different genres, left largely unchanged from their traditional forms, can interact in significant ways, such that an individual is playing the game they most prefer, while still having a social experience with their teammates.

We believe this can be done with a wide range of genres. For the purposes of Fusion, we have chosen to integrate first person shooters, racing games, and puzzles. The genre you choose to play as during a particular game is referred to as your 'Mode.' When we talk about 'Roles', we refer to your current task within your team's strategy, such as attacking, defending, or support.

Core Design Principles