The Pilot mode is inspired by racing games and aims to be a mix of the speed and fluidity of games like F-Zero, while having combative elements more reminiscent of MarioKart and Twisted Metal.

The Pilot is given various choices by way of forks in the road. On each lap, Pilots have the choice of attacking the enemy's base, collecting items for their team, and collecting charges which are used to attack the enemy's base. These choices exist in order to give the Pilot the ability to use different strategies, and also to overcome the racer's disadvantage of being locked to a set course. If the track had no forks, a well-armed Soldier or high-level Hacker could easily pick off a Pilot on each lap.

Pilots earn points by collecting up to 10 charges from the road and then deliveries them by passing by the enemy base. How much energy they steal for their team depends on the number of charges delivered and the Pilot's level. Pilots earn levels by completing laps. Pilots are intentionally designed as 'glass cannons'. They have the greatest potential to earn points, but given their comparative lack of freedom, they are also the most vulnerable of the modes. We did this because Pilots cannot choose to engage other players as easily, so by making them the most potentially powerful, we force the other modes to engage them.

Given the Pilot's penchant for drawing unwanted attention, they have a suite of items to help them survive. Speed boosts help them get around the track faster while shields make them briefly invulnerable. Missiles automatically find the nearest enemy and fire at them, meaning that Pilots can attack Hackers and strike back against Pilots without needing to aim. Playing the Pilot successfully relies on agility, awareness, and good decision making regarding when to use items.