Soldiers represent the first person shooter genre and adhere to most of the conventions of those games. They have a pistol with infinite ammo and can use items to arm themselves with more powerful assault rifles and rocket launchers. Although some of the Soldier's strategy is specific to Fusion, the basic mechanics are identical to Halo, CoD, or any other FPS.

Soldiers are the most aggressive of the modes, having easy ways to hunt down and destroy any other player in the game. Doing this not only serves a tactical purpose, but also strips those players of levels, while adding levels to the Soldier. Like the other Modes, Soldiers steal more energy at higher levels, so Soldiers will often be well-served to attack other players early on and then attack the opponents' base once they have earned a high level.

The way in which Soldiers earn points for their team is somewhat like a backwards version of capture-the-flag. They must pass through a charging station at the center of the map and then, once charged, reach their opponents' base. Both the charging station and base are on the race track and near Hacker nodes, meaning that the other modes have ample opportunity to help or oppose them.