Li-Heng Liang - Programmer

Leon was the primary 2D and puzzle programmer on the Fusion team. In addition to being a talented programmer, Leon also enjoys a wide range of game genres and provided a great deal of insight into mechanics and balancing inside Fusion. When he isn't coding or playing games, Leon enjoys art as well.

Yan Lin - Programmer

Yan was the primary 3D game programmer for Fusion, and dabbles in Technical Art in her free time. In addition to gameplay programming, she was responsible for most of the visual effects in Fusion. She likes creating experiences that encourage interactions between humans in a virtual world.
Feel free to visit her website:

Yang Shan - Programmer

Yang was the programming lead on Fusion and was primarily responsible for all the networking aspects. In addition to programming, Yang enjoys drawing and digital painting.

Stephen Dewhurst - Designer

Stephen was the designer for Fusion. Formally trained in cognitive science and neuroscience at the University of Virginia, Stephen is now moving into the world of game design, specializing in systems design. He has a passion for creating gaming experiences in which a world's mechanics and flavor mutually reinforce each other in order to create an emmersive and fun experience.
To see more of his work, please visit:

Evelyn Chang - Artist, Producer

Evelyn performed a wide range of duties on the Fusion project, but her primary responsibility was in keeping the team well-organized, on scope, and sane. As the producer, Evelyn managed the creation of every aspect of the game throughout the semester, as well as organizing playtest results and presentation materials. She formerly studied modern languages at Carnegie Mellon.

Maokai Xiao - Artist

Maokai was responsible for most of the art in Fusion, including concept art, models, terrain, textures, and animation.

This is a dynamic team, with each member having a wide variety of skills. The roles listed are primary roles, but each member also contributes to other aspects of the project.