Project Ako

Conversational Augemented Reality Table-Top Game Guide

Augmented Reality

Make the learning experience magical while also retaining the fun of playing the physical table-top game

Speech Processing

Help the player have a natural conversation with the agent

Virtual Character Personalities

Make the experience engaging and entertaining


Project Ako – Conversational Augmented Reality table-top game guide

An ETC Faculty Project advised by Carl Rosendahl & Melanie Lam

What is this?

“Ako is an Entertainment Technology Center – Silicon Valley project that is creating a fun conversational Augmented Reality companion to help a player learn a table-top game.

Why did we make it?

People usually rely on instruction booklets, online videos or another player to learn the rules of a board game. Very often, this becomes time consuming and confusing.

How does it help?

Our project targets to make the learning process easier by introducing a friendly AR agent that acts as a teaching companion to who player can ask questions and get answers. The agent has a unique personality to it that makes it compelling for a player to be interested in. The players thus have an interactive resource to learn.

How do we do it?

AR makes the learning experience magical while also retaining the fun of playing the physical table-top game. Speech Processing technologies to help the player have a natural conversation with the agent. Virtual character personalities to make the experience engaging and entertaining.


Project Ako – Trailer


Product Demo

Our Team

We are a team of 4 extremely passionate people who love to code interactive and fascinating things



About Us

A little something about all of us

Zhaoyi (Ashley) Liang


A multidisciplinary designer whose interests lie at the intersection of technology and art – hoping to create immersive experiences for people.

Miao Ren


A programmer with a strong passion in VR and AR. Research interests range from Game Design and Development, AR&VR technology, Software Engineering, to Data Mining

Sudha M Raghavan


A game programmer with oodles of experience in AR/VR working together with the team and client (as a producer this time) to achieve our goals.

Urvil Shah


An Engineer and Music Artist focusing on programming for interactive experiences as well as audio programming and music production.

Client & Faculty Instructors

Carl Rosendahl

Client, Faculty Advisor

Melanie Lam

Faculty Advisor

Latest News

Welcome to our blog! We will be posting weekly updates regarding our project as we explore exciting things throughout the semester.

Week 15: Ako Wraps Up with a Bang!

With Final week around the corner, Ako has been adding final fixes and most importantly, an ending to our experience. These fixes include: More dynamic way of tracking cards when[…]

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Week 14: Softs Feedback & Final Features

Last week was softs and we had players playtesting our experience. We were able to identify various places where people had trouble with the experience. This week’s goal is to[…]

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Week 13: Adding Touch Interactions & Making Team Trailer

We still had one important feature to add to our experience – touch interactions with Ako! Often during playtesting and demos, we noticed that players want to touch and watch[…]

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