How to use the scene editor?

Moving and transforming the object

  • Drag the object to move it.
  • Click on the four corners of an object to scale or flip it.
  • Single click on an object to choose it. When an object is chosen, its properties will show in the space below the scene.

Changing properties

  • Type in the name, x-y coordinate, or width and height to change the object’s name, position, and shape.
  • “Lock” icon locks the position of the object so that you won’t change it accidentally.
  • “Visible” toggles if the object can be seen by the player.
  • “Clickable” toggles if the player can click on this object to trigger an interaction. In order to use “Click on A” event, you must enable this.
  • “Draggable” toggles if the player can drag this object. In order to use “Use A on B” event, you must enable this.
  • “Trash bin” icon deletes the object.