What do the Reactions do?

There are 15 event reactions in Alice’s Adventure currently. These are:

  1. Set State
    This sets the state of any states that you’ve made to ON or OFF
  2. Go to scene
    This takes you to a new scene when triggered
  3. Add into inventory
    This adds any object to the inventory when triggered
  4. Remove Object
    This removes/deletes an object from the game.
  5. Show object
    When triggered, it shows (makes visible) an object that was invisible before
  6. Hide object
    This makes an object invisible when triggered
  7. Make interactive
    When an object is made interactive, it now responds to clicks while in the game.
  8. Make non-interactive
    When an object is non-interactive, it can not be clicked or dragged around in the scene. It essentially becomes a part of the background
  9. Show dialog
    When triggered, it pops up a dialog box on the bottom of your screen, which needs to be clicked to proceed.
  10. Play Sound
    This plays an audio file in your game, either once or on loop.
  11. Stop Sound
    This stops playing an audio file which is currently playing.
  12. Show inventory
    It shows your inventory on the right side of your screen, if it was not already shown before
  13. Hide inventory
    This reaction hides your inventory from your view, and you can only see the main scene
  14. Move object to scene
    This transfers an object A from wherever it was before to a new scene
  15. Move object to position
    This transfers an object A to a new position (in the X,Y coordinate) in the same scene.
    NOTE: You can find the X,Y coordinate of any object in the object’s properties tab under the scene editor.