Week 8: Halves Presentation

In week 8, we were preparing the halves presentation. During the presentation, we talked about our progressive puzzle building design, which had iterated through three versions in the first half of the semester. The progressive puzzle building is clear, less overwhelming and follows how a game designer thinks when designing a puzzle game. Also, we divided the process of using our tool into two phases the crafting phase, where we need to set up the scenes, the objects and the puzzles to make a game, and the inspiring phase. We failed to clarify what the inspiring phase really is during the presentation, so we would like to present our initial idea here.

When you are using our tool to build your own game, in the crafting phase, the tool assumes that you know what is the game you are making and the puzzles in the game. You can then set up the scenes and the puzzles. However, for our target audience, they might not have a game in mind. Maybe they only have a story in mind and want to use our tool to create a game about that story. The inspiring phase is designed for them. It will bridge the gap and help them to form a game with a puzzle in their minds.

Because we are mostly focusing on the crafting phase, especially the puzzle building process, it is just an initial plan for the inspiring phase and we will have a further plan about it in the second half of the semester.