Advanced: A Special Agent

In this video, we are going to show you how to make a special agent game.  In the game, you play as a special agent, and you sneak into an evil company to steal a confidential envelope and give it to your partner, and then your partner will give you a medal as a reward. For the game, we will need 3 scenes in total with different challenges.

In the first scene, use the blue room as the backdrop. Then we can add a table, a brown box, a safe, a key and a yellow sticky note into the scene one by one. (pause for 5 seconds). We need to put the confidential envelope into the brown box. Let’s drag the envelope over the box in canvas area because we want to put the envelope inside the brown box. We also need to put money inside the safe. Drag money from the gallery over the safe in the canvas area and click yes. Don’t worry, we will add a passcode lock to the safe later in the puzzle editor. For now, let’s add some hints for the player through the yellow sticky note. Click on the yellow sticky note and on the right side of the canvas, and type in 0123 in the “hint for player” area. Save the project and let’s run it. When you click on the yellow note and look at it, you can see the number 0123 we have typed in just now.

Now let’s make the second scene. Click the add new scene button and name the scene Room 2. We can give it a backdrop. Let’s drag a guard and a door in.

Next, let’s add the third scene. Choose a backdrop that looks like the outside. We also need to add a partner from the character category in the gallery. We want the partner to hold the medal. Drag the medal from the gallery over the character in the canvas area. Then click yes.

Now we have added all the scenes and objects we need. We can now start to create connections between scenes and objects in the puzzle editor. Click on the puzzle editor tab at the top. Then click on the add button at the right bottom corner to make a new puzzle.

First, let’s make the puzzle where you can get the key by picking it up directly.

Then we need to make a container puzzle to get an envelope from the box.

We also need to make a locked container puzzle to get money from the safe. The container is locked by passcode 0123.

Now let’s make a go-to scene puzzle. The entrance is the door and it’s locked by the key.

Try to play it.

Great! Now we can start to make puzzles for the second scene. There is a guard standing in front of the door. We need to give money to the guard so he will let us go through the door. The goal here is to go to the third scene and to do that we need to go through the door. The door is locked. A door can be locked by a key or passcode. It can also be locked by a guard. In this game, the way to unlock it is by giving the guard money.  

Finally, we need to give the envelope to our partner and get a medal from our partner. The goal here is to get an item, and we can do that by trading with a character. In the puzzle editor, set it as the winning condition and play the “win” sound.

Now we’ve finished all the puzzles we need for this game. Click on the play button and play the game. Great job!