We spent a solid amount of time on Monday and Tuesday preparing for 1/4s. Wei made detailed playtest plan and questions. To summarize, Atit would be in charge of the paintball demo to test how people get used to the AR interface. Qing was going to show our concept video to explain our idea and get some feedback for us to analyse user’s motivation. Wei, Sophia and Jack were going to demo the PocketRoom prototype and find out user’s feedback about it.


Our quarters walkaround occurred on Wednesday noon, and we received feedback and questions about our project. Overall, people like our concept and thinking progress. Most of them have at least heard about AR and they were really excited about what we showed. Many of them would like to use our product to purchase large furniture. There are still concerns about scope and scalability, as well as the interaction design, which we will try to address over the course of the project. Our next step is to finish our core features as soon as possible and optimize the experience. Check our 1/4s video here.


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On thursday, Jack, Atit and Qing together discussed about our tech pipeline. They made a list of our core features and planned a rough schedule.


On Friday, we had a chance to talk with John Bell, the art director of EA. He was very nice and humble. We presented our project to him and he gave us a lot valuable feedback. 


After the demo, we talked about our quarter walkarounds to gather around the information we got. Wei and Sophia designed a user flow based on that. Atit is going to arrange media files.



Week 5: Quarter walkarounds