Week 12

1-4Team ArchiTek is polishing the map design part, including changing the buttons, adding texts and inserting theme pictures.

In terms of story telling part, we are drawing cut scenes for the second and third parts of the story.

Before the playtest on Tuesday, we plan to provide a whole version of our product with entire story and three sets of maps.

On Monday, we met with Professor Kurland.  We reported our working process, the feedback from playtest, our future plan and asked her opinions on our design of new buttons. Kristen tried our URL on KJ’s laptop, and she liked the story. On the other hand, she provided some suggestions about map design part: There can be more texts showing what players will do or what decision they wil l choose. (e.g. Please design a map about the location of Vx distribution./Which color do you want to choose?)

We realize that what Kristen wants is clean and clear texts in map design rather than fancy buttons with pictures. Also, Kristen emphasized the significance of classification scales, which contains 3 major categories: natural break, quantile and equal interval. Currently, we are using the name “quantize” instead of “equal interval” so we will change it to formal name. We also talked about conducting a playtest next week in her class. We are finishing making the second map and polishing the map design screen. In terms of placards, we are making a book-like icon that can be clicked by players. The placards will be set in the book, which will be above maps so that players won’t miss it as they did in the playtest.

The playtest is next Tuesday in class. We have iterated another questionnaire for it.

After today’s meeting, we have corrected the texts in cut scenes and changed the name Vx to Vx-1.

Also, we have scheduled a time slot with John Dessler to listen to his opinions about UI/UX and audio.

We will also schedule a time slot with the TA to ensure the correct and wrong answers of the map design paert.

Hopefully, we will meet with Mike on 19th April after Soft Opening to digest the information from soft.

Next week will also be super busy and productive.

Good luck ArchiTek.ice_screenshot_20160330-184358