Week 15 – Final Week

Here it comes!

Team ArchiTek will present on Monday.

During this week, we have added specific explanations to each option.

According to the feedback from showcase, guests like our interactive map design practice, though it is difficult for people who are not major in geographic information system. We are optimistic that the story-driven map design experience will teach people something.

We have changed some detail in cut scenes like the red cross that stands for the hospital.



Currently, there are feedback for each choice. Students can know what is correct and what is wrong in time.

Moreover, we have created more buttons for map 2 and map 3. There are 8 choices for map 2 and 6 for map 3.


On Thursday, we went out for our team dinner with Mike. Kyoto Teppanyaki is a great place to go, with nice food and conversation.

We are preparing for the final presentation.

Go ArchiTek.