Development Blog: Week 10

Week 10 was our first full week of development with our newly sanctioned remote development. This week consisted of deciding on what aspects of our pre-production package need to get done with the remaining weeks we have before the semester ends.

With three weeks remaining until softs, we sat down to discuss what components we think are most important to showcase within our digital prototype. We decided that showcasing the skills of the Plague that the main character uses will be most important. As the game is focused around the main character using and spreading the Plague, we feel that having our white box prototype showcase these mechanics is our top priority. That being said, our current sprint is focusing on implementing a magic system in the game for characters to be able to use abilities (including Plague skills with the main character). We also have begun to play around with unit placement and level design within our digital prototype, now that archers and barricades are created in the project for us to play around with. 

Looking ahead to the next semester, we have created Design Documents and test cases for the Swiss Guards and Gargoyles (allied units) that we plan to be implemented in the next semester. These documents explain their inspiration, story background, and battle mechanics in detail for those reading to fully understand what each unit is created for. 

Looking at the art side, we have begun to create the outline for the Art Documentation to be handed off to the team next semester. We want to make sure all finalized concept art is clear and easily parsable for next semester’s art team to reference. We also have some more finalized sketches of the Pope and main character, along with rough sketches of the Swiss Guard Unit (see below).

We also are trying out materials for the 3D model to create the style we want to showcase in the game. We want to do some preliminary work with materials and lighting to place next semester’s artists at a better spot for finishing the experience. We also are going to photoshop the character designs within the level to test how they look within the environment. That, along with creating and testing several designs for the decorations for the interior of the Cathedral (see below).