Development Blog: Week 14

Week 14 consisted of softs with faculty, and finalizing our art, design, and code documentation. We want to finalize all of our documentation in a neat and parsable format to ease the onboarding of the next team.

Starting with softs, we received quite a lot of valuable feedback about all aspects of our project. The biggest piece of feedback we received was to prepare to strongly back the “why’s” of our project. Since we are a team creating a game entirely from our imagination, we should expect to have to explain exactly why we ended up on every decision we made. This feedback helped us better prepare the format of our Finals presentation to answer the “why’s” for the faculty. 

Looking at documentation, all three fields within our team really nailed down to finish up our documentation this week. We created an Index document for our Design section that will help the next team be able to navigate through all of our documentation.

We also have made much progress in finishing up our Art documentation, along with final Environment Art and Model Sheets. We want all of our Art to be gathered in a single pdf that clearly shows the iteration process of all characters and environment sketches. We want to convey to the next team exactly why we made the artistic decisions we did, so they can easily understand our intentions. This will allow the next artists to quickly pick up where our artists left off.

                                                        Model Sheet for the Swiss Guard Unit.

Finally, we sat down as a team to have a post-mortem about the semester. We discussed the hardships of our project, and where we believe that we could have mitigated some of the difficulties. A write up of the major points from this discussion can be found in the “Post-Mortem”.