Development Blog: Week 9

Week 9 for the team was almost fully dedicated to transitioning to remote development. Due to our school’s shutdown during our Spring Break, we spent this week setting equipment up and discussing how to proceed forward. Thankfully, the nature of our project lends itself quite well to remote development. Our semester goals have not changed, as we are still going to create a full pre-production package for the team to use next semester.

Looking at Design, we began to research Swiss Guards as they will be the inspiration for our generic enemy units. They are the armed forces that protect the Pope in our world, so we believe that their design would be a great base to build off of. We also reorganized all of our design documents on our drive folder to more easily navigate through all files we have.




         Swiss Guard References

Art has begun to work on more detailed sketches of the Plague Doctor Unit, attempting to get an idea of what our final Plague Doctor design will look like. We also are creating more detailed sketches of the Cathedral to accurately show the tone and feel that the area should invoke in the players.

Last but not least, we are placing placeholder UI in our Digital Prototype to more easily be able to playtest our game. We are preparing for the team to playtest the prototype on Monday to figure out what next mechanic or fix we want to focus on for our next sprint. In summary, this week mainly focused on preparing for remote development for the rest of the semester. We are planning to resume normal sprints starting next week.