4/15 – 4/19 Week 13: Finish line?


Week 13 is our last planned production week. Most of the work are done, and we are happy to have the soft coming with us prepared. Hopefully we will only work on the feedback and some polishing in the next two weeks, as well as documentation stuff.

Also naming our game is an important task. After some discussion, we finally decided to go with Mind Game. Sounds cool?

– Magian


Aside from continuing our implementation of the Typing Challenge and Simon Says, we’ve started, and finished the details of the QR Code minigame. We believed that this minigame fits well with the essentials of hacking — unveiling secrets. When players play this game, they will be led to hidden areas within the world, and even to hidden sections outside this game — hidden comments that exist in the frontpage of the picoCTF website, or in a hidden webpage of which its url can only be known through completing previous minigames. We hope that these minigames can add depth of interest to the main game itself.

– Brian


As we’re preparing for Soft, all crucial game mechanics have been implemented or integrated. We now have a working inventory system with interaction and is saved in the server. A diary module, which gives player a brief summary of what they have seen so far so that they can recall what happened has been added. Similarly, there are now help pages for the problem interface and the general game mechanics that can be accessed at anytime within the game.

Quality of life and experience improvements include the following: In the volcano room, the hidden tunnels which teleport the player have been changed so that the player will actually walk through a secret path behind the caves to keep the player aware of the fact that they are moving. Doors with locks on them are also animated now to reflect the player’s progress in the story.

An audio manager script has been added to allow a centralized control of muting and volume levels. It’s integrated into the menu, which allows the player to mute the sound and change the volume level, and there’s a mute button that’s always on screen to allow the player to quickly mute the game when the menu isn’t available, for example, during the introduction.

– Max


This week we broke the story into smaller chapters based on feedback that each chapter is too long. We also wrote the summary entries for the diary / log functionality that summarizes the story for the player and added it to the game.

– Tina


This week we reduced the size of the main room layout based on the feedback we received from playtesters. We added the diary entry summary and also added some icons for the UI. We also added floor markings to the game.

– Tina

Other things we did in the week:

>>> Trailer video for our game is on! Don’t forget to check it out:

For the next week, we’re planning to:

>>> Get feedback on soft

>>> Finish the rest part of project

>>> Work on documentation