Onions’ Spring Break

Week 9

It’s Spring Break!

but here’s our update

The main goal for now is the ETC Playtest day on April 6th. The deadline will force us to make quick decisions and present something playable that day.

On the Playtest day, we are going to have a playable prototype that shows the simulation inside the fortress, only using simple UIs and text. We will handle the visuals using our concept arts. Imagine Visual Novel genre.After Playtest day, I will determine whether we can flesh this out (adding 3D assets and visuals) and make a One Page Design document concurrently or do another round of rapid prototyping, worst case scenario.

Exterior Blueprint Sheet

Basic component of the fortress

To stand out from our environment color scheme, the main color of the exterior is navy and gray. Point colors (blooming parts) are yellow.

Character References

Workers 01
Inside Workers 02
Workers 02
Inside Workers 03
Inside Workers 01
Inside Workers 04

Interior Design References

Research Room
Medical Center