Everything’s a Fruit!

Content, while not the main focus of our team, is still important to have defined for the game we will be making, and the team has decided to make our game about:

Where does most food actually come from (a farm of one kind or another if you were wondering).

We’ll be taking kids to a grocery store filled with things they are familiar with (like eggs, apples, and bread), and then teaching them to ask the question of how it got there.  From a truck?  Where did the truck come from?  A farm?  What’s on the farm?  Chickens, trees, wheat?

The team has been doing research of what types of foods to address:

  • Produce?
  • Fruits?
  • Vegetables?
  • Dairy?
  • Processed foods?
  • Grains?

You’d think that these categories would be easy to teach, but, tell me, “What IS a fruit?”

Turns out there is the culinary definition that you are probably thinking about  (sweet plant products with seeds) as well as a botanical definition (parts of a flowering plant that spread its seeds), and as far as we can tell, that means a lot of things are technically fruits, scientifically speaking.

Almonds are the pit of fruit.  Fruits called “drupes” – a category that includes peaches.  Peaches and almonds are related.