The team recoded a new video of their latest work for playtesting:

We got useful feedback, and made a plan of what we will be working on before finals according to the feedback.


After several meetings, here’re some things that we will be working on before final: 

1. The hover effect and zoom in/out effect of UI (Saumya)

2. Generate some models of future machines and computers from markers in the physical world (Charley)

3. High five with the robot in the scanning part (Charley)

4. Add mode characters (All), but we need more sound for different characters since their scripts are different.

We thought the first two features are the most important, and feature 3 wouldn’t be hard if we can use mixamo (a free animation library) – we’ll figure it out. For feature 4, we are a little bit worried though, since we need to re-create all of the assets, including illustrations, models of job options, and sound for the young ladies. If they can answer the same questions and have the same answers, things would be easier.



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