For week 2,

We took the team photos.

We also did research on different personalities for an AI assistant. We also brainstormed for some project ideas and decided with final three.

1) Photo assistant:

  • We took this one into multiple dimensions: Basic photo composition, social media sharing and photo manipulation.
  • Upload photos and post them to your social media. Converses with you about the photo and generate a caption for your photo by fetching key information from the conversation.
  • Edit photos based on your wishes by adding filters and decorations (like emojis, stickers or special effects).
  • Could possibly be a character that tells a story about you in your day.
  • Social assistant: know them before they know you
  • Use facial recognition to know more a person’s identity.
  • Possibly needs to be contextualized for a certain situation – for example, employee onboarding or attending Meetups.


2)  AR game: Find Charlie.

  • The agent describes how the environment around him looks like, to guide the guest to find him. Like Hide and Seek.


3) Pet Translator.

  • An expert that helps translate between dog/cat language or behavior and human language (English).
  • Could perhaps guide the user to play with the pet, or even offer valuable information or care instructions.
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