Yang, Megh and Angie went for the CMU TOC in Pittsburgh. We had a short meeting sharing project updates about our photo assistant and making everyone back to the same page.

Here are the highlights:

  • Talked about our photo assistant’s persona:

o   What’s his background story? He lives in a HoloLens all the time. He might be busy with his own stuff while no user is using the HoloLens.

o   What does he look like? Concept art is needed to figure it out.

o   He runs his own Facebook account, and updates it daily. He can @ his friends (HoloLens users) sometimes in his posts.

o   What does his voice sound like? IBM Watson allows external modifications to his voice. Google and Alexa don’t.

o   Do we need come up with a theme? sound, art and personality should stay consistent.

  • Went through our photo assistant’s functionality briefly:

o   Generate captions for posted photos.

o   Add stickers and filters to photos.

o   Chat with the user: ask leading questions about photo assisting. Do small talks using key information from users’ profile or conversation.

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