We began with personality and character design for Charlie. So, we started by defining CROW (Character, Relationship, Objective, Where) for Charlie. This helped us learn what kind of character we want charlie to be.

Then we discussed about the interactions between the user and charlie and decided on the ideal conversation that a user would have. This gave us the idea on designing the user flow and the different interactions needed for the character.

We then realized that we needed to define a profile for charlie and the user that can give a well defined set of parameters for charlie to make sure that her personality is consistent. Sort of like her memory, because that would influence a lot of her answers.


We then did playtests with our friends and relatives that have kids or know someone with kids to find out the questions people would usually ask kids under 7 years old.  These are the questions  that we came up with. We can use this to improve the interactions between Charlie and the users.

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