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Meeting Minutes 9/23/2010

Today, after the agile talk, we focused on what was the most important aspects of the talk.  We decided to narrow it down into a few things.

  • Prioritize
  • Prototype
  • Welcome Change
  • Commit as a Team
  • Transparency

Following this discovery, we decided that we really needed to figure out some the core features of our game and then to prioritize the creation of those features.

Number one on our list was all about creating the character and trying to figure out how to control the character and what we will allow the players to do.  We broke this down into smaller details that will be reflected into the documents page on this website.

We did the same for our number two, which was to create the rules of the worlds and how to show visibility/invisibility and all the other stuff.  This will also be on one of our living docs in the website.

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Playtest Feedback

Teresa and Nadia

Here's some feedback from the playtest that we had with Teresa and Nadia.

  1. "Always feel like I'm looking at the keyboard"
  2. Took hand and moved to the box in order to grab it.
  3. May need another communication mechanic
  4. In split screen mode, pointing up works pretty well, pointing down doesn't work well.
  5. In the beginning, when you touch an object, it should appear and always be visible.
    1. It can disappear later for harder puzzles.
  6. Level of zoom and space was good
  7. Need a zoom to character to grab attention
  8. Need a WTF
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Meeting Minutes 9/13/2010

- Two halves of a whole
- Stone-like
- Fits in hand
- Always or mostly visible throughout the game

- Both of them need the same rig/animation/proportions
- All clothing should be very specific about the climate from where that character comes
- Movement a la Braid or Limbo (3/4 view)

- Whatever the artists decide
- Shows interesting depth
- 3D playing plane with 2D backgrounds
- Simple Lines
- Good use of Texture

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