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Daily Update 8/25/2010


  1. Assessed problems with design ideas we've had up to now.
  2. Made a list of verbs that we should pull from to inform what game mechanics we choose to go with -- exploring what does it mean to meet someone new, to learn to cooperate with them, to judge them, etc.
  3. Concepted a few new game ideas that I will present to the team -- informed each at different levels of development
  4. Mocked up a few art renderings to better communicate some of the ideas I'm trying to flesh out.

For Tomorrow

Will flesh out the game ideas constructed today, looking to get teammate input on some of the observations made, and proposed ideas. I'd like to host 2-person design sessions with anyone who's willing so they can both add to -- and poke holes in -- the thoughts I've constructed today. This should also prevent requiring the entire team to join a discussion where only one or two people are talking. It will also get everyone's voice heard and accounted for.

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