Coco & Co constructive communication & collaboration



  1. TIGJam!
  2. Redesigned scenes to support the new story.
  3. Modified every level for seamless transitioning.
  4. Added doors to continuously usher players along.
  5. Various puzzle tweaks.


  1. Redesigned how we teach invisibility (playtesting shows a much stronger understanding)
  2. Many level tweaks and edits
  3. Some playtesting and developer discussion


  1. Made it so characters automatically exit each level together (helps with seamless transition)
  2. Various level/puzzle adjustments
  3. Modified some environments to tell a better story.
  4. Embedded more signifiers to keep consistent rules.
  5. Playtests! (held many playtests, all which proved really positive!)


  1. IGF preparation.
  2. Added game menus.
  3. Held live demo of our game to TIGJam attendees.
  4. Dinner with developers.
  5. Round 2 pitch preparation.


  1. IGF prep - game description
  2. IGF prep - tweaked Paulwei's submission video
  3. Various puzzle tweaks
  4. World tweaks to enhance story
  5. Added credits to end level.
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