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Dailies 11/15/2010

What I did:

  • Clearing the draw planes in 5.2 is now networked properly.
  • Fixed a few character zooming glitches.
  • Zoomout is now forced at a couple of places where buttons control moving platforms.
  • Added a small black bar between the two screens.
  • Fixed the bug where some torches wouldn't light.
  • Fixed a footstep audio bug.
  • Swapped the colors painted by the characters onto the draw planes in 5.2.
  • Updated quality settings so lights look good using Forward rendering. Webplayer version now also has shadows.
  • Can use ctrl in addition to shift to puppeteer characters. (Ctrl-click on macs doesn't seem to be detected in Unity as right-click, so we fake it now.)
  • In level 2.1, players are now forced to zoom into head puzzles.

What I plan to do:

  • Playtest!
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