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Dailies 11/21/2010

What I did:

  • Removed click-to-zoom on character and added an on-screen button to zoom in/out.
  • Redid character emotion UI to be more customizable.
  • Emotion buttons now always show on the screen and have hotkeys.
  • Release builds (toggled in the build settings) no longer let you switch between character or start at any level.
  • Fixed piston glows masking out torches.
  • Magic windows now show invisible platforms that are being stood on.
  • Fixed screen flash bug in 1.1 camera split moment.
  • Fixed character falling through step platform in 4.1.
  • Linked falling platforms now embed into the ground. (Looks a little nicer.)
  • Characters in 5.1 are not revealed (colored) until screen becomes unsplit.
  • Fixed box push sound.

What I plan to do:

  • More GUI tweaks and fixes.
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