What we did this week

Last week was a big planning week. A lot has gone into figuring out the responsibilities of the people who are running the show, as well as different possible show formats, our branding for the show, mainly.

Brainstorm & Design

We started the week brainstorming extensively about the tasks that goes into producing a complete improv show on twitch, and have reconsidered the tasks of each role.

The role board we have come up last week
The tasks that we’ve determined that are important to a good show – this list is not complete but is definitely a start!
A more specific role chart, derived from the perfect funny show list
Tasks to help smoothly run a show

Re-designating our roles, along with coming up with the tasks, has helped our team a great deal in streamlining a show and helping it run as smooth as possible.

We are also thinking about innovative ways that we can adapt a show on twitch, so we have been thinking about if we could have maybe one person be in charge of the multiple tasks and see if we will have meaningful combinations come out of them.

An excerpt of one of our cue sheets: In this scenario, the host and the streamer tasks will be done by the same person. This is one of the forms that we have found to be working from one of our previous playtests.

We have also reached out to our professional actors, and hopefully we will coordinate a weekly time with them that a decent amount of them will be free and could work with us!


We conducted a quick playtest on Thursday trying to run through all the scenarios, but ended up running through two of them and decided to eliminate one of them for good (one where the actors, streamer, host and moderator roles are all taken by the same person. We decided that this is not going to work because although it would be kind of cool for the audience to see the process, it was immensely distracting for the audience when they saw the actors look at their phone for suggestions and to change scenes.

On Friday, we have decided that for our first playtest with our professional actors, we are going to go with one person taking on streamer and host responsibilities. It is the form that we are the most familiar with, and should be the least confusing to our improvisers. We have streamlined our show more and have developed a way that we could develop a smoother flow.

Next Week

We are planning to hold another playtest on Monday. We are going to invite students that are either currently in improv II, or have taken it, to playtest for us the aforementioned scenario for us, and ask for their feedback. We are also starting to transition from the design phase to building and hoping to have a prototype for a suggestion system, or some overlay images over our show by next week!



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