This past week before spring break, we had halves presentation. Like quarters, as a team of all first years, it was quite daunting going into halves. We as the team, however, did feel like halves was a really nice opportunity to gather together and really reflect all we have done on the project so far.

After quarters, we got some good ideas of how we should articulate our project to our audience in a short time span of mere 15 minutes. First of all, we need to introduce Twitch, especially the aspects of twitch that is relevant to our project. Secondly, a lot of people were wondering what is the different between the project that we are doing compared to the previous team’s project. In our presentation this time, we have acknowledged CTTB as we go in our presentation, pointing what we are doing, where they have laid good foundations for us. People were also wondering about the significance of our project, which we did not quite sought out solutions during quarters, but were able to deliver quite nicely this time around (in how our projects expands Twitch territory, as well as building more opportunity for improvisers to act).

We were also really excited to present what we have learned from our Twitch stream. This has definitely attracted more ETC students and faculties to watch our future shows. From there, we were really able to consider and shape our vision for this project, and what our future goals are.

We have decided on some key goals/deliverables for the rest of the semester:

  • Running weekly improv shows on Twitch
  • Develop a show production toolkit
  • Identify and build an APG interaction system for improv games that is unique to Twitch

And, like that, we have went on spring break, only to hear that we will not be meeting on campus, and all with projects will be done remotely. Which means…..

  • Running weekly improv shows on Twitch – not possible anymore with improvisers, since we are not allowed in the building
  • Develop a show production toolkit – yes
  • Identify and build an interaction system for improv games that is unique to Twitch – yes

Which means that although we are still able to build a lot of show production toolkits and identify APG systems, without weekly improv shows, it will be very tough to test everything that we’ve built and how we need to improve upon those. But hang tight, we will discuss more about those in the coming future days… It will definitely be a very interesting remainder of the semester.



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