It is crazy how fast this semester has been flying by, especially since we started to run shows. Anyway, we are a week away from the final, and started to prepare for our final presentation. We also decided to run another show; what is different this time, however, is that Parker, an ETC student who is external to our project, will be hosting our show with the toolkit we have. We picked Parker for two reasons, because he has some streamlabs experience and is familiar with the setup of our shows. With having barely a week left, it would be very tricky trying to teach someone who doesn’t have streaming experiences at all to use our toolkit along with the responsibility of hosting.

With 48 hour notice, Parker was successful in learning all the functionality of our toolkit. For this show, we thought we’d keep the routine similar so Parker could settle into the rhythm of hosting and the actors will be comfortable as well. We did try three new games, 185 (which is our new warm-up game where the improviser tell jokes), Entrances & Exits, as well as Powerpoint Karaoke.

In a post show interview done with Parker, he mentioned that he felt that the toolkit was easy to learn, albeit having some more of the functionality streamlined will be nice. It was a testament that someone else external to the team could also learn to use the toolkit, which we are happy about. It is the last show that we are doing with the actors for the semester, which is bittersweet because it seems like they did enjoy partaking this project despite all the mishaps and difficulties we’ve had. But, hopeful that someone else other than the tech team on our team and me will master using the toolkit, we are hoping that maybe some shows could be done in the summer!

We’re also finishing up with documentation. It has been a very busy week with preparing to wrap up the semester, which has been bittersweet, but also a relief for all of us. Cheers!



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