Week 12 – Calm before the Stream

This week was set-up for our final crunch time before the end of our project. Luckily, it was also Carnegie Mellon’s carnival, so it was nice to get a few days off in the sun.

Trace led our brainstorming session, implementing Jessica Hammer’s methodologies

Our strongest focus was one last ideation push to see if we could complete one or two additional prototypes for the end of the year. We did a surprising job and generated many ideas for both our work and future work. As part of our final documentation, we’ll outline some of our design ideas from this for potential future work. As for what we picked, we focused in on novel interactions: a guessing game and a recurring game. We’d previously only worked in more passive forms of audience interaction, such as suggestions and voting, and wanted to better test the limits. We hope to flesh these out over the next week.

We are very aware of our impending deadlines, with production on video trailers and content summaries already begun. As mentioned, one of the most important things about our project is to inform future designers. We are laying the groundwork to best communicate our ideas and knowledge the week after next, Week 14. We hope to really dig into that process then, and maintain rigor. Until then, we’ll polish off our remaining prototypes.