Week 14 – Pre-Post-Mortem

In lieu of a proper blogpost, know that we are hard at work on summarizing our knowledge from throughout the semester in a variety of forms. We are currently preparing a master post-mortem to derive future documentation from. We expect this large chunk of everything to be file down into separate documents for recommendations to future teams, abstracts for paper submissions, and data analysis reports. Here is the introduction and segment list of our post-mortem.

Commit to the Bits is a discovery project exploring the intersection of improvisational theater and Twitch live streaming. By applying factors unique to Twitch audiences such as their members’ mutual awareness and their potential for dramatic agency, we designed performative frameworks that embrace the character work, active decision-making, and role-playing inherent to improv. Our deliverables are a set of novel user interaction prototypes exploring hypotheses that arise from this design space and documentation of new design principles for it. We primarily worked toward these through methodical playtesting, rapid prototyping, and qualitative and quantitative data analysis over fifteen weeks in Spring 2019.

  1. Introduction
  2. Prototypes
  3. Interaction Types
  4. Host
  5. Crowd Feel
  6. Barriers to Entry
  7. Technical Limitations
  8. Physical Setup
  9. Future Work