Who are we ?

We are a 6 membered interdisciplinary project team at the Entertainment Technology Center at CMU. This project is a part of our curriculum and spans across a full semester. Our project’s client is CMU’s Cylab. We will also be working with CMU’s Hacking Team the Plaid Parliament of Pawning. PicoCTF is a cyber security competition conducted by CMU’s Cylab for middle and high school students.<https://picoctf.com/> The competition aims to:

    1. Expose middle/high school students to the field of cyber security
    2. Lead them to learn and explore the field
  1. Encourage them to pursue further education in this field
  2. Identify best talents among the participants who are already good at it


The Team:

Peilin Li - Producer
Peilin Li – Producer
Rajat Gupta - Game Designer   
Rajat Gupta – Game Designer
Guangya Niu - Artist
Guangya Niu – Artist                               
Ramya Sriraman - Lead Programmer
Ramya Sriraman – Lead Programmer
Himanshu Telkikar - UI Programmer
Himanshu Telkikar – UI Programmer


Lotus Li - Gameplay Programmer 
Lotus Li – GameplayProgrammer