Cutting Edge: Week Seven

The Work This Week

In addition to working towards halves, we finalized a specific narrative to work towards, which in turn gave us a list of new transitions to strive towards going forward. We also developed some concept art for our confirmed setting, and debugged some mechanics in our goldspikes from last week, based on playtesting feedback. At the end of the week, we playtested for usability again.


After several more iterations, we finally landed on a story that we are happy with. It utilizes the death-memories-death framework that we’ve been working with in the beginning, yet mirrors that Machinima video in that there’s no real present-day action. Just a death set-up, then a sequence of memories in chronological order, and then a final death:


We playtested our updated Goldspikes, this time just for usability. Overall, people like Goldspike #2 the most, pointing out that it was interactible but also understandable. People found Goldspike #3 to be very cool, but found some of needed gestures to be a touch confusing. The driving ones (Goldspike #1 and Goldspike #4) people wished they had more control.

Next Week

The bulk of next week will be taken up by our halves presentations, but we will also be developing new transitions based on the story we landed on. The scheduled Goldspike #5 has been discontinued as of now.